Is a glorious name, reminiscent of one of the first and

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Trita is a knowledge-based company with research centers in Tehran and Zanjan, and a manufacturing plant in the Pardis Science and Technology Park that will be operational by the end of year 2022.


Since Trita is a research-oriented company, it has specialized and experienced human resources that have a history of cooperation with prominent foreign pharmaceutical companies and international research centers and domestic and foreign universities.

Ready to provide services …

Trita also has the most advanced R&D equipment for formulation and analysis of raw material and final product, and can provide R&D and pilot services in topical and oral products to other companies.


Trita Third Millennium is a knowledge-based Pharmaceutical Company that was established by the name of Trita Third Millennium Pharmaceutical Complex in March 2011. The company was relocated from Zanjan to Tehran by the decision of the board of shareholders in 2016.

In 2017 The company’s name was changed to Trita Third Millennium Pharmaceutical Company.

About Us

Trita Third Millennium is a knowledge-based pharmaceutical company that was established with the aim of innovating and developing Iran’s pharmaceutical industry. Along with this goal, the company focused on manufacturing the third generation of medicines with improved efficacy, bioavailability and safety compared to conventional medicines. The three main parts of the company are manufacturing site, research and development (R&D) department, and business development department

The R&D department as a progressive unit has a mission of moving on the border of science, technology and innovation. This innovative unit has achieved unique formulation development at the country and region levels.

One of the most important projects of this company is the establishment of Trita Technology Institute which is an educational and research-based department relying on the international standard requirements of PIC/S.

The Zanjan manufacturing site was established with the aim of manufacturing knowledge-based products using technology following the EU-GMP standards.

Later, it was decided to set up and equip another manufacturing site near Tehran in Pardis Technology Park. In the implementation stages of this project, a consortium consisting of a European EPC contractor and the best local contractor companies used the highest standards of construction to design and build clean rooms meeting all global standard requirements.

CEO Message

We want to produce higher quality pharmaceutical products for our consumers, including the medical community and patients, compared to the drugs on the market to create added value for them.

Products whose formulation has been improved and can be offered to international markets. We are ready to work with domestic knowledge-based companies and foreign international companies looking for a business partner to produce under license or transfer technical knowledge. We are also ready to cooperate with companies operating in neighboring countries (Middle East) to transfer technology.

Quality Charter of Trita Third Millennium Pharmaceutical Company

  • Customer orientation, product quality upgrades, and increased social responsibility by producing new products.
  • Focusing on research and development with the approach to increasing capacity and operational capability by upgrading and developing the required infrastructure.
  • Improvement of safety level according to organizational standards.
  • Prevention of environmental and health pollution in all directions.
  • Collection and observance of the latest Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Regulations, Product Quality, Environmental Standards, National Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
  • Enhance the competence and knowledge of personnel by carrying out the required and effective implementation.
  • Continuous improvement of all processes to further enhance the effectiveness of a comprehensive quality management system

The research and Development department as a progressive unit has a mission of moving on the border of science, technology and innovation.