Oral Suspension

Oral Suspension

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Oral Rehydration Solution

Oral Rehydration Solution

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A scientific event to introduce the products of Trita Third Millennium Pharmaceutical Company, under the brand names COMFOTRIT® and ORSENSE®


Trita Third Millennium is a knowledge-based pharmaceutical company that was established with the aim of innovating and developing Iran’s pharmaceutical industry. Along with this goal, the company focused on manufacturing the third generation of medicines with improved efficacy, bioavailability and safety compared to conventional medicines.

The company has two manufacturing sites located in Zanjan and Tehran. The Zanjan manufacturing site was established with the aim of manufacturing knowledge-based products using technology following the EU-GMP standards.
Later, it was decided to set up and equip another manufacturing site using highest standards of construction, near Tehran in Pardis Technology Park.

Our Mission

Trita Third Millennium Pharmaceutical Company aims to create a productive role as one of the most complete companies in the pharmaceutical supply chain process in line with meeting the needs of the domestic and foreign market and also improving of the health level due to supply chain completion and production of a diverse portfolio of mission oriented pharmaceutical products with distinctive quality and competitive price and also with providing distribution and sales services.

To this end this company is due to make high endeavors in order to provide the profits of beneficiaries based on adherence to its core values through the establishment of efficient and effective management system, application of knowledge and new technologies, development of innovative products, development of domestic and foreign market, enhancing organizational sustainability and also fulfilling social responsibilities.

Our Vision

Trita Third Millennium Pharmaceutical Company in 2025 horizon is an export-oriented pioneer company in the fields of health and productivity and also a distinctive company in value creation, which aims to take the maximum market share of its products by improving the supply chain and providing diverse, distinctive and high-quality products compared to its competitors. Its goal is to achieve a sustainable development process in international and domestic markets by improving the productivity of human capital and increasing the efficiency of its operation.